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Local business advertising using your website design


Every person in the local area with access to the internet is a potential customer for your business. Sounds a little far-fetched when you think about it, but it’s true. Now think about the competition that exists for those virtual customers.

It’s pretty daunting, to say the least. But, take that scenario and apply it to the hundreds of businesses competing in the local business advertising area. These customers are searching the web for best options. Before deciding to visit, inquire or buy.


What are you doing to give yourself the edge among the local competition?


Do you have a website?

Does it provide the best possible representation of your business, products and services provided?

Does it provide an opportunity to collect customer information?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO. I recommend that you get in touch to talk about what local SEO Marketing will do for you. Red Kite recently launched their online marketing business called Red Kite Local SEO. It is a local business that focuses on web design and local SEO online marketing.

How We Boosted Sales for A Local Business, a Quick Case Study


Red Kite currently made subtle changes that you may have noticed on mckenziejoiners.co.uk. The result of working with Colin McKenzie. In August 2016, they completely overhauled the site with more relevant content, easier navigation. and a much better representation of the business.

They also built local citations to help boost the website in local search results. McKenzie joiners are happy with the results. Colin McKenzie stated, it has increased lead generation on phone and email enquiries by 33%. Divide that figure by their own conversion rate from contact to paying customer. It leaves a regular stream of business between 15-20% each month.

Now that is a massive thumbs up. As every business has its own value and profit per customer. Just think how much money you would make with a 15-20% increase in sales each month.

Responsive Websites are Best mobile web design uk


Websites often get overlooked as part of any marketing plans. For a business owner who’s busy with limited time, the process of advertising can be a guessing game. As any good local SEO business, like Red Kite, takes the stress and strain away, and makes it easy for you to own a new responsive website and market it. Customers who choose to view your site on a mobile, tablet, or desktop. Will have the best possible experience on your site no matter what device they use.

It is an All-in-One Solution for everything related to your site. Design, maintenance, security updates and even design alterations. Software updates, if you do not have the time, web design or maintenance skills. Red Kite Local SEO also includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure your business gets found in Google. Also local search results, mobile services, and social media networks.

Placing Local Advertising for regular Business


Off the web, other marketing channels like using the local advert in magazines. These usually vary in the number of people they reach. The magazines also change from area to area in the quality of content. Ask yourself, how many people read them, and want to use your business at that moment in time?

The competition gets placed next to each other sometimes in the business card like adverts, 10 or more on a page. So it means spending more money to stand out on a page to reach a person’s attention.

The positive side of local magazines is they now have online versions. If done correctly you can get links to your website. Anyone who visits your site gives you the opportunity to help that person solve their problem. This is when you want to convert your website visitor to contact you for more details.

Advertising Online Vs traditional marketing


The main difference between local magazines and local SEO. SEO’s targeted at people looking for your services. These people are ready to buy. As stated above, your website visitor wants to engage with your business, check your social media. To see if you have fantastic reviews and know you are a genuine business.

We’ve even found that people who have family and friends recommend a business to someone. They will still Google that business to see for themselves before picking up a phone to call them. In a way, it’s just sensible research that takes 30 seconds.

If You Want to Find Out More


If you want more information or help with responsive website design or local online marketing. You can visit Red Kite Local SEO at www.redkiteseo.co.uk

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