6 Easy SEO Tips for Higher Website Rankings

easy seo for small business


 6 Simple SEO Tips for higher website Rankings

Let’s be honest, you want to market your business but are not sure what type of advert to produce. What style of the advert is best, or spending good money after bad, when testing your marketing in a new place.

The aim is having a source of quality work streaming into you. Having your phone ring or email ping with potential sales leads is what we want. Are you selling online? Having your customers reach the checkout stage and completing the transaction.

If you are a small local business search engine marketing is a powerful tool. It promotes your business, gains you more customers & builds confidence in your brand.

SEO or Internet Marketing provides one of best forms of promoting your business. It’s proven the best ROI -Return on investment, best value for money advertising.

You can find out more about the types of SEO services available that we provide to local businesses


If you want a quick overview of 6 SEO Basics watch this short video

Here are 6 simple SEO tips for you to start SEO on your website.

1. Use keywords in your headings & page titles

Keywords are what people type into Google when searching online. Now voice search using Siri, Cortana also uses keywords to search the web. Keyword research is a good starting point for producing any marketing adverts or content.

Tools such as Google keyword planner or Ubersuggest are free keyword tools. These give you an average monthly search volume. This tells you the number of people looking on the web for certain words or key phrases. The tools also suggest other related keywords or keyword phrases people are searching for on the internet.

Away from the web, you can also do quick research, asking friends and customers, what they type or ask when looking on the internet.

2. Use Webmaster tools Google & Bing

A Google Webmaster account or now known as Google search console can tell you about any particular problem it has with your website. You can sign up free, and it’s the best place to start.

If Google believes you have a hacked website and removes you from the search results. View and query your links and traffic sources (according to Google). Lets you submit sitemaps, tell Google how you want your site to appear in the SERPS, it all helps your SEO.

3.  On  e-Commerce websites, write your own product descriptions

Quite often retailers get caught up with same product copy for branded items. Although they’re sold through various websites, it’s difficult to differentiate your product copy.

I would recommend, where it’s workable, to write a particular copy for each item. This is perfect for your own conversion rates, and also gives Google a unique piece of content to crawl.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant as some copies, but it should speak to your customers.

4. Local SEO, Set up a Google  My  Business listing

This is free, and an easy way to increase your presence in local search results. Google my business listings are the place to start if you want to be seen in the local pack. The local pack is the top 3 local businesses listed in the search results. Customers can either call you directly or visit your website for more information on you.

The local pack is the top 3 local businesses listed in the search results, and Customers can either call you directly or visit your website for more information on you.

5. User reviews

Encouraging user reviews is good. First to improve conversions, Second because they can help with SEO. I’d recommend responding to reviews good and bad. This contributes to show your professionalism but also manage your online brand image.

Gaining at least 5 reviews across quality platforms such as Google my business, Yelp or Bing places all help your chances of ranking locally on the web.

6. Mobile friendly & User Experience website test

Mobile friendly websites now get prioritised by search engines. This helps your SEO gains towards higher rankings. You can use free Google developer tools at page speed insights to test your website.

You will get scored for mobile friendliness and user experience, and both are ranking factors. Also, it points out any other issues that will help you improve your website speed score in the eyes of search engines.

Finally, the best of luck optimising your site, content & developing your digital marketing. These SEO tips are just a small step to help towards better search engine website rankings. As always its how much time you can spare, you can find free resources online if you have lots of time to read!

You can start with Googles SEO starter guide it’s a PDF document you can download. Also, Moz SEO guide is another great source to start brushing up on SEO basics.

Just one more last thing, Let’s not forget Bing, Bing is another powerful search engine that is now preloaded on nearly anything Microsoft. Bing has its business listing similar to Google. The Bing business listing is right for your local business. Just create an account, fill in your details and then verify your business.

Good luck and future success!

Pete Hogg


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