7 Ways Responsive Website Design Services Improve SEO

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7 Ways Responsive Website Design Services Improve SEO

Your website depends on a good user experience. We’ll show you how responsive web design services can improve the experience and your SEO.

Looking for a way to easily maximize the payoff of your SEO?

Believe it or not, you can improve SEO simply by changing the game of your website design. No fancy add-ons needed.

Your website is the number one baseline for user experience. The more responsive your website is, the more likely it is to guarantee a fantastic user experience every time.

Take a look below to see how responsive website design services can give power to your SEO–and everything else.

1.Your Site is Instantly More Usable

Responsive web design is exactly that: it responds to the needs of the user or visitor.

In a nutshell, it means that no matter what device your visitors use, the content of a website should adapt to that viewing platform easily.

Responsive design is on the upswing because users are now relying on mobile phones as their preferred browsing device. If a website is able to load content flexibly, it is more likely to bring about a positive user experience.

Just think about it: don’t you hate it when you’re mobile browsing and you go to a website that doesn’t adapt to your screen? Do you want to hang out much longer on that site?

The greater your site’s usability, the greater your odds are for a lot of things, depending on the written content, website images or services you are delivering.

Maximized SEO is one of them. Conversions could be another.

2. Reduce User Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to when users of your site check it out and then immediately leave. A high bounce rate means that the majority of your site’s visitors are not staying for that long, for a variety of reasons.

A lot of users will peace out if a website doesn’t adapt to a mobile screen. Responsive website design services will greatly reduce user bounce rate by immediately optimizing user experience.

Decreased bounce rates will indicate to Google that your content is informative and valuable, rather than the opposite. As a result, responsive websites can directly improve SEO.

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3.Faster Loading Sites Retain Users Longer

Relying on responsive website design services will guarantee higher loading speeds for your site. This is because your site’s content will automatically be adaptable to viewing platforms.

With higher loading times, your website will maximize user experience. Who wants to wait around for the right content to download?

The longer your users stay on your site, the lower your bounce rate, and the higher your SEO ranking in general.

4.Your Site Is Easily Shared

When you invest in responsive website design services, you are investing in a custom designed website that can easily translate across social media channels.

Responsive designs are more easily shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and beyond because they are so suited to a variety of devices and platforms.

If a user likes your content, h/she can immediately upload it to another channel and encourage other users to respond.

Not only does this boost your online marketing presence, but it gives you a chance to build SEO even further through a variety of other platforms.

5.Website Content is Not Duplicated

Websites that don’t rely on responsive website design services may have a mobile-friendly version of their site and a standard browser-friendly version.

This means that in reality, duplicate content exists for that site.

When you use responsive web design, you are bypassing this tricky–and potentially unprofessional–side effect. You only have one website and one URL in the world of the internet.

When a user visits your site, h/she doesn’t have to click “mobile-friendly version.” The content adapts automatically to the screen of the device used.

This directly impacts SEO, because it fits within Google’s guidelines (see below). But it also means that you can take direct conversion data from one website alone, without having to consider duplicate sites.

This streamlined result of responsive website design services is one of the biggest advantages because it saves you time and headaches and optimizes user experience.

6.Google Likes It

Google has already stated that it recommends responsive website design, and when Google recommends something, it’s probably pretty advisable to do it!

It’s important in the world of online marketing and SEO to make sure you are following Google’s guidelines.

While responsive website design isn’t an official Google rule, it is a great guideline to follow. Its ability to promote informative and valuable content and maximize user experience puts it at the top of the list.

Research is still being done to see if responsive website design services can give your website a higher ranking.

But because it looks good in Google’s eyes, you can pretty much conclude that it will do good things for your SEO.

7.You Can Get Recognized Earlier On

Believe it or not, as amazing as all of this sounds, a lot of websites have yet to invest in responsive website design services. It is still entering the field of online marketing and SEO.

If you adopt responsive web design soon, however, you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else. Being a leader in this capacity can alone improve SEO and send your competitors to the sidelines.

Investing in Responsive Website Design Services

When it comes to online marketing, SEO is one of the first things to check off your box. But just implementing SEO doesn’t guarantee results.

Having a responsive website design can actually improve SEO and get you faster results. Because today most internet users rely on a mobile device to browse, having a website that adapts automatically to different screen sizes puts you ahead of everyone else.

Responsive design can lead to a maximized user experience, lower bounce rates in general, and easily shareable content. Not having duplicate content with your website streamlines user experience further and is favourable in Google’s eyes.

At Red Kite, we are the local experts in everything SEO and web design. We provide custom designed, mobile friendly, SEO ready sites for all clients in a variety of packages.

Check out our responsive website design services so that we can put you on the map today!

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