10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Web Design and SEO Services

web design and seo services plan for marketing online

If you want your business to be successful online, people have to know you exist.

The easiest way to announce your presence to the world is through SEO and web design. Using these two services together brings visitors to your website. They then convert viewers into customers.

Here are ten reasons web design and SEO services are essential for businesses.

First 5 SEO Benefits to pump up your business


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1. SEO Sends More Visitors To Your Site

Where you rank in Google search results has a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

Research shows that the top ten spots in search results receive 90% of the visitors. Seventy percent of visitors visit the top three results.

This information shows that if you aren’t well positioned in Google’s results, you are getting, at most, 3 out of every ten customers.

That’s not a winning strategy.

Web design and SEO adds value to your site so that Google ranks it higher, giving you more visitors, and thus more money.

2. Improved Consumer Trust

People tend to trust the top Google results more than lower the lower ones.

When your company sits in the top five results on Google, you become an industry leader. Customers trust you more, meaning they are willing to spend more money with you.

They also bookmark your page and go back to you. Your company gets the repeat business needed to drive sales. Web page and SEO design give customers a reason to trust your business.

3. Visibility

There are over 1 billion websites online. If you don’t stand out, you’ll find yourself in sales purgatory.

Ranking high on Google, even for a short while, gets you views and sales. These customers then return later because they trust that your business is an industry leader.

Web design and SEO services make your website stand out.

4. SEO Is Cost Effective

Traditional marketing through paper ads isn’t as viable as it once was. It doesn’t provide the targeted and long-lasting results that SEO does.

Let’s say you live in a major city and advertise in a newspaper with 1 million readers. There is no guarantee that a majority of those readers will see your ad.

If they do, the chances that they were looking for your particular service is rare.


You’re spending money to reach a few people that might not care anyway.

SEO, by comparison, reaches millions of people that are searching for your service. Your company takes centre stage. You will get attention from interested customers looking to buy now.

The more these visitors go to your page, the higher your SEO score gets. Your page gets shared by these visitors, and it starts a snowball effect.

SEO is the gift that keeps on giving, even after you’ve stopped paying for it.

5. You Find Out What Customers Want

In researching SEO, you’ll get valuable information that helps you gear your website towards meeting customer demands.

If you are looking up keywords for content pieces and notice that people are searching for something you don’t offer, add it!

SEO also tracks what brings customers to your page. By studying analytics, you’ll know what brings viewers to you and how to get more.


Second 5 benefits web design increases your business

web design and seo services plan for marketing online

1. Web Design Keeps Visitors On Your Page

Visitors are only valuable if they stay on your page long enough to browse your services. Web design and SEO services combine to bring visitors to your page and give them a great experience.

Visitors leave as soon as they arrive if they find a clunky, out-of-date website.


Think of it like visiting a restaurant: if you walk into a dirty place, you leave straight away. Also, if you go to a steakhouse that doesn’t offer steak, you’re out of there, right?

If someone comes to your website and it’s unorganised, or it doesn’t offer what it claims too, they leave.

Low view times hurts your SEO score because it tells Google that your page wasn’t valuable. They also don’t buy anything, making your hard work getting them there for nought.

2. You’ll Reach More Clients

Web design services ensure your website works on mobile devices. Having a mobile-optimised site brings in sales and keeps customers coming back.

How important is mobile technology to sales?

78% of mobile searches result in offline sales. If your website can’t support mobile phones and tablets, these customers are going to your competitors.

3. Minimized Downtime

If your site goes down for a day, it doesn’t only affect sales for that time-period.

Customers that attempt to visit your page during downtime lose confidence in your business. They might go somewhere else, get what they need, and become loyal to a competitor.

Web design and SEO services take care of any bugs that exist, making your website more stable. A stable website means less downtime, which leads to more money in your pocket.

4. Increased Web Page Loading Times

Online users are notorious for being impatient. If your webpage takes too long to load, they abandon ship and look elsewhere.

How long is too long for internet users?

250 milliseconds is enough to gain a competitive advantage over other websites, according to Google engineers.

In less than two seconds, someone could decide that your page is too slow.

5. Web Design And SEO Services Work Hand-In-Hand

In SEO, content is king. It adds value to your page and gives customers a needed service.

Web design highlights content and makes it unique, giving customers a reason to keep coming back for more.

Web design and SEO services also team up to improve customer experience. SEO brings the visitors to the webpage, and web design converts those visitors. The design also ensures that these visitors come back, creating the repeat customers that are the lifeblood of business.


You Can Get The Best Of Both Worlds By Boosting Customers To Your Business

web design and seo services will increase your profits


Why deal with two different companies for these services? RedKite can handle all of your needs.

One company performing web design and SEO services gives customers a single approach. There is only one goal in mind: improving your sales. There is no need to communicate your desires to two people and try to point them in the same direction. You can make life easy with a quick call or email and start your online marketing.

If you would like to improve the visibility of your website and increase sales, contact us today!

Remember places are limited to a real SEO company can honestly only provide services to one business in any particular niche.

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