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Send Your Business News Out to Online Readers

Give your big news and your website the BIG PLUS it deserves. Our Premium Press release is a Huge PR distribution to over 350 different sites. Generate powerful links for your website and share newsworthy information with hundreds of sites.

Reach new audience

Generating new sales enquires, quotes and visitors for your business.

Google News

Local online marketing will increase your Google presence to reach people in your area.

Increase Rankings

Places your business in front of the right people.

Quality backlinks

Local SEO is monitored and tweaked so you get 100% value for your money.

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Best PR Distribution Services

Press Release

£ 190 / Per month
  • 240 News sites
  • ABC, FOX and NBC
  • US & UK Writers
  • 160 Syndication Points
  • Google News Pick Up
  • Up to 3 Article Links
  • Our Article Passes Approval

Premium Press Release

£ 225 / Per month
  • Over 400 News sites
  • 350 + Backlinks
  • High Authority Links
  • US & UK Writers
  • Logo & Image Upload
  • Video & Map Emmbed
  • Placement in Google News
  • Fox, NBC & ABC affiliate sites
  • 100% Contextual Links
Best Value

PR Distribution

Are you struggling to create buzz and interest in your new brand, business or cause? Is SEO one of your weak points? Perhaps you’re in the midst of a rebranding strategy and would like to spread awareness?

Our tools designed to help spread your message to the wider world – whatever that message may be.

PR Distribution Specialist

PR distribution is one of the most effective tools for us to create interest in your brand, business or cause. However, that’s not all, as it’s also an excellent way for us to foster healthy public relations and educate potential customers and clients.

Above all else, it’s a way for us to get some much-needed exposure in a sea of buzzwords, trendy topics and distractions. Or, in this case, place them in the hands of a trusted PR distribution specialist.

Customer Reveiws

We have over five years of experience with top business professionals

Colin MacKenzie

MacKenzie Joiners

I'm completely amazed by the transformation of my website.I have seen a vast increase of enquiries through my website which has resulted an increase on revenueI would highly recommend red kite to anyone looking to increase there business leads and online exposure.

Lauren Rodgers


Pete provided me with a friendly and professional service, as well as being very accommodating towards my business needs. I would highly recommend his business to others requiring assistance with their website!

PR press release distribution

What is PR distribution and how can I use it to grow my brand/business?.

It’s one of the most efficient ways for us to get the coverage we need. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the traditional news media or on enthusiast blogs, our PR distribution network covers it, from local to national it’s all digital media outlets.

online pR distribution services

Press release distribution is a means of circulating a press release. In essence, it is a service that ensures the right people see and read your article. That is the people who can bring that article to a broader audience.


The key is to think carefully about what your goals are. Your goal shouldn’t be to try and reach the public by yourself, as that isn’t doable in the short term. 


Aside from your business receiving greater coverage in the media, press releases have other benefits, too. One is that they offer us a chance to build a rapport with potential customers and clients indirectly. Press releases are the ideal way to tell the wider world what your brand, business or cause is. That is, what it stands for, what your goals are and what your mission statement is.

Press releases and SEO

What does the PR distribution have to do with SEO?
Press releases are a fantastic way for you to give your website’s SEO stats a sizeable boost. A press release can house backlinks to your website, your brand/company name, as well as any relevant keywords. That’s why we always write press releases following the newsrooms rules and common standards for SEO-friendly articles.


Those aren’t the only benefits press releases can offer for your website’s SEO. Marketing analysts can measure the exact impact a press release has on your website’s SEO stats. A press release can directly affect your website’s ranking on the most popular search engines.


If it’s a well-written press release, it’s guaranteed to give you a respectable boost. If your article is a hit, it can improve your website’s ranking immensely. 

Website Rankings to PR Distribution

Ideally, your press release should be:

● The announcement of a new product or service,
● Discussing an event relevant to your business or brand,
● About fascinating statistics, ideally, ones polled from your customers,
● Company or personal stories relevant to your business (for example, a story of how your business came to be, your successes, etc.),
● About significant business/company milestones (recent sales figures, for example).

However, press releases can’t be any of the following:

● Advertisements for health and beauty products of any kind,
● loan offers,
● adult-themed,
● Advertisements for escort services (or other illicit services),
● politically provocative,
● harmful to other individuals or businesses.

online pr distribution services paid press release

We offer two versatile plans, and all that we need from you are your business details, a brief description of your desired press release (which includes its topic, its purpose, etc.), as well as any media (such as images or videos) you would like attached to it.


Our team, which includes talented writers from the United Kingdom and the United States, will create a press release that lives up to the standards of professional newsroom writing and editing. We will also take care to follow the best practices for creating SEO-friendly copyright content.


When it comes to choosing a plan with us, you have the choice between a monthly paid press release distribution plan and a premium package. Whichever plan you choose, we guarantee timely deliveries, professional writing services and an extensive pr distribution network. 


The benefits of using our services include:

  • Higher brand awareness
  • more traffic to your website
  • As well as a position on Google Maps.


Regular Press Release

With our regular plan, your press release can include up to three links, and it is guaranteed to reach over 240 news outlets, including media juggernauts such as ABC, NBC and FOX. This plan also features a guarantee of 160+ customer touch points that drive traffic to your website. We also guarantee that, alongside news outlets, we will send your press release to news aggregators (such as Google News).


Premium Press Release

With our premium plan, your press release can include as many as 350+ links, and it will reach over 400 of the world’s most popular news media online outlets. Not only will your press release be featured on Google News, but it will also get placed on Bing. Lastly, you can ask us to include your logo and a Google Maps embed as well.


As mentioned earlier, whichever plan you choose, we guarantee top quality and a satisfying outcome, distributed to newsworthy sites and access to real journalists sites every time.

Contact us right now and see if we can help you distribute your latest news on the web. 

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