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About Red Kite SEO

I specialise as a Local SEO consultant & professional website design to improve your business.

Hello, my name is Pete Hogg, and I’m a local SEO consultant UK based here in Sheffield. I also work at the core of the business, which is called Red Kite SEO. I specialise in generating sales enquires for businesses, to get more phone calls I use local SEO and online marketing.

Responsive website design is a passion of mine, and it’s also part of my skill set as an online marketer. Knowing how to optimise a website is a crucial skill for converting a website visitor into a potential customer.

Your local SEO consultant in the UK

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My History in Brief

My web skills started in 2008 when I built and ran my own local business in the plumbing and heating niche, I built up the core brand of the company and provided a focused customer service based here in Sheffield.

I developed a business plan which I used as a template that grew the business from 2007-2010. That same business is still running today under the current owner based on the original idea that was put in place.

Starting and developing the company website was part of the business plan. Writing & updating the website content was part of my responsibility and the introduction to working with sites.

Due to ill health I retired from plumbing and heating, this gave me an opportunity to retrain in search engine optimisation as this was an unknown skill that I know is the future for local businesses. I have the advantage of actually running a small business before learning search which gives me experience in knowing the struggles and barriers that will hinder your business moving forward.

Now I provide SEO Services and specialise in working with small businesses, by promoting the company brand in Google & developing the website to convert people into paying customers.

As a local SEO consultant, I cover all parts of internet marketing, from web content, search engine optimisation and Google maps.

Red Kite SEO

What We Do

We Love all things in SEO and Digital Marketing. Websites and local SEO is what we do helping business like you get discovered in search results online.

Red Kite SEO YouTube channel. Here you will find all things website related. Local SEO for showing your business in search engines and website design stuff to.

Check out our resource channel as it contains valuable content to help learn and improve your business and rank better in 2018. The YouTube channel may not build links to your site but will help you understand the optimization to achieve Google search traffic.

Customer Reveiws

We have over five years of experience with top business professionals

Sarah Jones


Red Kite SEO helped me get my website off the ground, and helped generate more sales by getting my website higher in Google search, and helped me understand what needed to be done in order to maintain and generate business in my website. This was all new to me, so thank you!

Colin MacKenzie

MacKenzie Joiners

I'm completely amazed by the transformation of my website.I have seen a vast increase of enquiries through my website which has resulted an increase on revenue. I would highly recommend red kite to anyone looking to increase there business leads and online exposure.

Why We Love Digital Marketing

Back in the day when Facebook first launched it was all about friends staying in touch. Sometimes this did get a few people into trouble when they advertised things like, “party at my house tonight”.

Also when Skype launched, it was all about people, friends and family connecting. When they lived in different countries you can speak and hookup for free.

It’s this original ethos that is still what we love about being digital. Sure things have progressed now, and these platforms are now also used for marketing. We love and enjoy connecting with people positively.

The chances are the more people who find you online will buy from you. We have seen many reasons why businesses want to promote themselves on the web.

Sometimes it’s to create a brand awareness, display products or share information. And sometimes it’s for profit, lead generation or subscriptions. Whatever your reasons for online promotion. Using our SEO Consulting skills and helpful resources you can reach new audiences. We help you Choose from a range of digital platforms it’s a case of “what is the right channel for your business?”.

Why We Enjoy What We Do

At our heart, we must be digital geeks who enjoy search engine marketing. The best bit for us is when a business trusts us to help grow their presence in local search. Seeing a business grow and profits increase gives us a sense of job satisfaction.

Our Cocktail Recipe For Success.

A Splash of Responsive Web Design

and A Dash Of Local SEO

We support local businesses by getting your business on the web. We do this by making sure you have a website. We optimise the site using local SEO, Google My Business and link building connecting your social media accounts.

We start here first, with a responsive website, Why you may ask? Well, local people use smartphones by up to 88% when researching a local business. People also research your business from 24-48hrs before contacting you or buying your goods.

These are figures released by the latest reports (Nectafy), and the trend is growing each year. Having a responsive website means that your business will display on all devices. It helps with SEO as well because Google likes responsive.

Another reason to own a mobile-friendly site is this. Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates. (CMS Report)

Now you have a beautiful responsive site what’s next?

How Does Local SEO Work?

Doing your SEO on a local level isn’t just a website thing, no it places all the jigsaw pieces together. Yes, we need to add relevant header keywords, meta tags and quality content. But we also set your web pages to convert visitors when they land on your site.

Having your social media connection is good, but it has to be the correct type of social media that works for you. And don’t forget that people can come to you from other sources as well, like word of mouth recommendation.

Link building is a powerful ranking factor also, gaining quality over quantity. Links are also fantastic with a local connection in your area and industry you trade in.

What’s more, is building local citations or directory listings. Optimising Google My business and Bing places. Geotagging images all move towards the local pack and getting found on mobile first.

You can see all your sites activity using Google Analytics. The data is invaluable to see what people engage in on your site. Analytics helps to show where alterations have to make. All these parts go towards how we do local SEO.

Thanks for reading this far, we hope you find the information useful.

Get found in local search engine results.

Being found in local search engine results helps to reach new customers. A search engine results page is the page displayed in response to a keyword search query.

The results get shown in order of relevance from positions 1 to 10 on the page. The results produced by the search engine’s algorithm are known as “organic results.

Marketing your business brand

Keywords & SEO marketing includes analysis and planning on how your business brand gets positioned in the market. Knowing your customers helps targeted keyword website marketing.

Your brand identity is the face of your business. It represents your business values, services, ideas and personality. It can generate loyalty from your clients and make your employees proud to work for you.

How We Work


We work closely with you, & deliver a website or SEO plan built for your business.


We set detailed budgeting information with you at the outset.

Real-time reporting

We keep in touch & update you on progress.

Our 3 Step Approach

We like to keep it simple no technical jargon to boogle your mind. A 3 step approach keeps you informed and your project moving forward to get you the best service and marketing results.

1, The Consultation

Understanding your business is the starting point to your website. This helps us build a picture of your business to present on your site. We discuss clear business goals, objectives & set timescales. It also allows us both to see if we have a good working relationship to move forward together.

Branding, logos & how you conduct business helps us represent your company through your website design & content.

2, Your Project

We like to get all the payment out of the way so we can focus on whats important like your business plan. Since an SEO services proposal is very crucial, each proposal should be personalised. You should feel confident that you and business has a clear plan forward for your online marketing. 

Your terms and conditions protect you and the SEO company by laying down a mutual working partnership that will give you the target results specified. With these key points and a written proposal, the next step is to take action and move forward by agreeing and signing on the dotted line.

3, The Results

Website Analytics collects valuable data you can use and monitor progress. Your website content is managed in-line with your SEO and marketing strategy.

Your website gets found in the top local search engine results, and happy customers find & use your services/products. Web Analytics provides monthly data on visitors to your site. Your website now meets your business goals, objectives like more sales enquiries.

For more information on how local online marketing can help you get in touch.

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