SEO Service Packages

SEO Service Packages Investment on Your Business!

You know how critical it is for your business to get seen and be the No1 choice for customers. Our SEO service packages are a top notch starting point to rank you in Google search.

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Increase Your Sales by 40%

Search optimisation can increase your revenue by up to 40%.

ROI Advertising

We get you targeted sales leads and enquiries for your marketing money, all you need to do is close the sale.


We only provide quality SEO and we're particular in every part of our service. If you want to pay less go gamble on Fivver.

Keep up with Google

Googles constantly changing its A.I algorithms. Let us do the hard work in keeping your rankings on page one.

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Which SEO service package will rank you in Google search?

We cover all the moving parts of search engine optimisation and drive sales enquiries to your business. It could be a click to your website, a call from Facebook or an enquiry from your online presence in general.
We have succeeded in working with small local business and provide you with affordable SEO packages to get you results.

SEO Pricing

All SEO Pricing below is a guideline and pricing will vary on your location for local SEO. This means that your business will get seen by customers looking for what you sell in your area. 

Basic Plan

Low Competition
£ 200 / Per month
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page SEO
  • Website Conversion
  • Build Citations

Standard Plan

Medium Competition
£ 450 / Per month
  • Includes Basic Plan +
  • Brand Building
  • Backlinks
  • Online Profiles Optimised
  • GMB Listing Optimised

Advanced Plan

High Competition
£ 1000 / Per month
  • Standard Plan +
  • Backlinks Variation
  • Google Powerup


Most frequent questions and answers

SEO is not a quick fix

if you want your business to survive in the competitive online marketplace, you need to maintain a continuous and regularly sustained search engine optimisation campaign. 

The following reasons will tell you why:

  1. Because your competitors continuously perform SEO too.
  2. Search engines regularly change their algorithms 
  3. Developing Good content is an ongoing process
  4. Continuous SEO is needed to maintain your rankings.
  5. The online marketplace is always changing
  6. Changes can occur in your business
  7. Establishing you as the authority in your business niche takes time.
  8. Because search behaviour changes- keywords change

SEO is an investment and you need to keep account on your return (ROI) invest in SEO and gain more sales leads.

How long before you see some results?

There are a lot of variables that affect how quickly SEO works and you see some results.

Website design, domain age, meta descriptions, your geographic location, the level of competition, and target market all play a part how quickly you can gain search engine traffic from SEO.

Generally speaking a website will see results in 4 to 6 months.

SEO results grow over time. The traction you get at 6 months typically is less than what you should be see at 12 months.

For monthly SEO Service packages we always take payment upfront, once you invest in our SEO service it gives us the time to dedicate and focus on what’s important, your business.

Yes you can, we will finish the work we have already started for that month. Then we will adjust your service package the following month up or down to your choosing. However, you must remember this will impact your progress and may take longer to get your business noticed, we will give you our best advice!

Just give us one months written notice, we will finish the work we have started for the month, then the following month we will stop. 

Typically, most SEO Packages run month to month with no contract.

If you signed up for a 6 month period, we will end all work and agree a cost to cover the work already completed. We believe in being fair to people.

Customer Reveiws

We have over five years of experience with top business professionals

Neil Senior

Eternal Images Photography Ltd

Absolutely delighted with the hard work and effort Pete put into the quality service he provided for my business. Our website has been transformed and within days of the work been carried out we could clearly see the benefits wth a flurry of enquiries. I also had a one to one consultation/training with Pete at his office which again proving invaluable and was certainly worth the time and cost doing. I can highly recommended Red Kite SEO you will not be disappointed and Pete's a great guy too!

Emma Dowling

Dowling Delicious Delights

Thank you for the terrific SEO work you have done for me. I've started seeing the results already from your hard work. You explained everything beautifully and I'm still following up on the recommendations you advised me on. overall I'm really happy with your service keep up the good work Emma x

So which SEO Service package is right for you?

Once we know what your area of business is in, what stage your business is at, how competitive your industry is and what goal you want to achieve, we will advise you what the best SEO plan and how much it will cost you.

For help with your online business presence, it is best to start with a free SEO audit report. The best SEO services have experience and usually offer you a free SEO report on your website.

Using your company website is part of your search engine optimisation an SEO company will assess the quality of your sites, such as your on-page SEO and written content.

Once your site has is assessed, the SEO consultant will give you the best SEO package to increase your website’s traffic using the best digital strategy and keyword terms that will get you calls and sales enquiries.

SEO Service packages Proposal

You need an SEO service package proposal to state what is included in the cost. Not only that but also what needs to be done to rank your site at the top and get more clients.

An SEO packages pricing is in the form of a monthly pricing plan for continued search results. As nobody controls search engines such as Google, the ranking of your website will go up and down. 

It is the job of the professional SEO Services to keep your digital business presence keeping up with all the search engine changes.


SEO packages for small business

The best SEO for small businesses in local search is an affordable monthly SEO Package Plan. 

Three things your monthly SEO package gives you,
1, Ongoing digital marketing
2, A fixed monthly fee to balance your marketing budget
3, Attracting new customers

As we specialise in working with a small business, we have crafted SEO plans to get you maximum results. As cost is an ongoing issue, we give great value for your monthly marketing spend by getting you qualified sales leads or interested people in buying your goods.

Once we have generated the people looking to buy or hire your services, it’s up to you to close the sale.