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At Red Kite SEO, We are a bespoke digital marketing company who lays the building blocks to brand awareness and affinity, for local businesses.

Our commitment to clients is positioning you at the top in your industry and your location you serve.


Brand, Position and Revenue

Often big businesses have an established brand that customers flock to as over the years the brand has created a bubble of trust. 

However, having experience working for one of the UK’s leading companies in the home services private sector, I experienced a lack of value for money to the customer and quality.

A regular and robust marketing presence kept the national company generating a constant “we take care of you” image, that connected with the public.

We believe strongly that small businesses deliver quality and value to the customer. The building a brand, positioning your business and placing you at the top, gives you the best placement to generate more revenue, and that’s what Red Kite SEO does best.

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Digital Marketing to Support Small Businesses

Digital marketing is no set formula as each business is different. The services they offer and the business owners approach and plan, aims, and objectives are individual.

That is why Red Kite SEO works specifically with small local businesses to provide a platform to compete against fierce competitors in the local area.

As a bespoke digital marketing agency, we give a custom-fit approach to propel your business forward.

Meet Our Team

Pete Hogg

Founder | Owner | Digital Marketing Specialist

Why Red Kite SEO offers digital Marketing

While working at a leading fortune 500 company, I learnt a lot about business. I was good at my job, a technical gas engineer, and understood how the industry worked in the plumbing and heating sector. So, I resigned and set up my own business and built a small local company.

The one thing that I never had time to learn or understand was marketing, and I knew there was some template or formula but I couldn’t access it.

Also, SEO was the future and a place I was missing out on not having an online presence. Time, money and knowing the right person to use for SEO was holding me back, does this sound familiar?

Ready To Grow Your Business?

If you want to reach local customers or find that you are not getting the results and rankings you were expecting.

We at Red Kite SEO offer a free 30minutes to discuss your current marketing.

We help you get the most from your marketing budget with a focus on generating leads.

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