Branding Services.

“Branding is not a logo”

— Marty Neumeier

Helping Your Business Get People's Attention and Results.

Let’s create a brand that speaks to your tribe while stealing market share from your competitors.

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Building Your Brand Requires Clarity on Who, What, How and —Most Importantly — Why?

Branding combines a variety of factors.

A logo or a strap-line will not be enough; creative branding evaluates and utilises every touchpoint of your customer’s experience.

Branding your business will help to build loyalty, engagement, and guarantee your values are visible in everything you do.

Every aspect of your business with whom you interact, from answering the phone to visual and written communication.

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Creating a Distinct and Appealing Brand for Business Success.

Create a Strong Brand Identity.

We will help you by:

  • Talking to a brand consultant.

  • Clarify your brand identity.

  • Define clear messaging that connects to your target customers.

  • Create a brand guide for you.

  • Use your branding across all marketing.

    Stand out in your market and against competitors.

Forget generic and keyword stuffed business names, think branding + marketing = profit.

Stand Out & Stand Strong.

After talking to you and doing research on your industry we tune in to your core messaging and values.

The next step is your visual identity that captures your brand’s uniqueness.

Why Does Branding Matter?

Customers remember your company if it has a powerful brand identity.

A powerful brand name and logo assist in keeping your company at the forefront of your potential customers’ minds.

How Much Does Branding Cost?

Clarity Session

£ 500 One off fee
  • A two-hour session with a small business branding consultant.

Limpid Process

£ 2500 One off fee
  • A branding session for established companies and rebranding.

After speaking with a brand consultant and researching your industry, you receive a clear branding report.

Now you have the right toolkit to use on:

  • Logo design

  • Letterheads

  • Business cards

  • Invoices

  • Website

  • Marketing

Find Out More.

We can help you get your branding on track.

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